Sunday, July 15, 2012


I find it difficult to make a quilt quickly.  I can quilt a quilt quickly, constructing one for friends or family member takes much longer.  I have educated my family to this point.  They understand that I have a year to make a birthday present..because after all you will be 50 or 59 for a whole year eh! That's true of newly weds too, yes? Good because as you can guess, it is taking 'longer' then initial calculating.

Another point of this ramble is to say I received a beautiful knit shawl from my SIL a few days ago. A birthday present for this Pisces who loves blue.
The colour has is a subtle variegated sea blue.

Clear beads sparkling around the bottom edges.  This will not be stashed in the closet, it will find a home, when not on my shoulders,  it is  too yummy eye candy to hide. Thanks bunches Irene.
Also thanks for the company of your children, I had fun and I won't send you kittens  (vbg)
I am sure I will be talking kittens on this blog soon.
Happy Sunday

( I am thinking we need to start doing a rain dance on this part of the rock)

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