Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations Lesley, Oh and me too!

The Lucky Lesley from our lovely West Coast will be receiving
a set of pillow cases I  made.  In her email she sounded
more excited  then any pillow cases  I have know are able to
excite....and I was right. As it happens she was also
 just hired as a teacher in her neighbourhood.
She'll be teaching music to children from k to 4.
  Her first job in her field of training.  Wow!

The Fall Fair season is upon us here in Ontario.  I was convinced  by friends, I should
participate in my towns Fair so I did.  I entered a new category "long arm quilting' and the
floral section.  I received two firsts and 2 seconds in the long arm category, the quilt at the top of the
page took a first.
I recd a second in a challenge called " I made it form my old jeans"  click this link  to see the quilt I used.

I entered four florals and took  two firsts in the florals category. I didn't take a picture of the cosmos I entered but the Pic below is of a design challenge called "No Blooms".

All in all a wonderful Fair for me :))

"No Blooms" is sitting on top of canning,   I did the day before the fair.

Floral arrangement " No Blooms"

Antipasto 2010
Here's a really good picture of the work that day.  I had lots of help. DH and DS pitched in with chopping and stirring .....

Antipasto Inspector and Assistant

Happy Thursday,

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