Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finished is finished

 My  version of a quilt to re-use jeans materials,  also with previously used flannel & several smallish pieces of batting.  Heavy? a little, I also mucked about with two threads in the needle. I wanted a thicker red thread.  I use a  cone of a pink cotton with various reds,  ends of spools. 

I am feeling good 1. to have finished it, 2.  to have used up  a bit of stuff that's been hangin about the studio for what feels like much too long.  and 3. one RTO off of my 'list'.

This weekend I hope to bring my Guild mystery quilt, up to date.  My intent was to try and finish mine (quilted and all) before I quilted any from clients.  Ha!  good intentions are funny things. And I Know I will bypass making mystery quilts, in the future. Not my cuppa.
And I am off for a cuppa hot  lemon 'cold medicine' and a small pity party for one...colds aren't fun.



  1. I love your quilt Gudrun - I wish now I had saved
    jeans -- It is going to be really warm in our cold
    Canadian winter. I enjoy your blog. Shirley Paterson

  2. I love your jeans quilt. I'll have to try one sometime in the future.
    I've nominated you for the "Kreativ Blogger Award". Stop by my blog for details.

  3. Great quilt I've made 3 denim quilts and they are very heavy and warm. My kids love them I'm sure yours will get a lot of use. I read your dilemma about your pantos... I had some trouble with my machine not being exactly square once the quilt was in and pulled on it. We added a brace at the offending end so the pole couldn't pull forward and it fixed the problem.


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