Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mystery Quilts

The only thing left to do is binding, on this Guild Mystery quilt.
I am looking for instructions I have for continuous bias binding. I have a stripped fabric
planned for the binding. Batik piece for the back, discovered in stash about 10 minutes before a planned
shopping trip to the LQS  (local quilt store....only 15 minutes drive away).
It's a piece I've had for a long time, since the LQS store,  a 5 minute walk, closed.  I am guessing 3 years ago. I suppose 3 years isn't a long time for a piece fabric to languish in the closet....depends how long one has been mad for fabric....and the ability to be mad for it. 

This quilt is bright, but a sense of calm, & water, sunshine, ice. It's "Ice on the Bay".
Quilting on the long arm was super simple, making it very fast,  water and ice meanders  :)

 On another note, I sure like the zipper system...take the quilt off the frame lay it out, mark spots that require more attention zip it back on...tidy up and done.  Like that done part. I treated myself to a wool Batt. It sure has a nice wrinkle release. I am planning on washing and blocking this one. The batik was washed but the top fabrics were not, don't care for the feel of the whole.

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