Sunday, March 29, 2009

El Salvador

I received these lovely ear rings in the mail a few days ago.

They were purchased in El Salvador from a street vendor. Thank you Michael.
I look forward to seeing the many pictures from El Salvadore, where Michael and a group of like minded students worked on a project through "Habitat for Humanity".

I like how  amazingly light these earings are, there are lots of pieces ( and the closure is great) and of course my family knows my tendency to blue. Thus far I prefer to wear one ring, and leave on ear free for the phone and in case some one wants to whisper sweet somethings in my ear, or nuzzle my ear lobe there is an ear available.

I  wonder about younger ladies that have many ear piercing, yielding much metal in their ear lobes and outer ears
I wonder...where can a young man safely nuzzle the ear, without potential damage to the enamel on his teeth?  Give the guy
a break... don't make it the enamel on  his teeth.
These earrings are also 'warm weather earrings', when one doesn't wear lots of clothing to keep shoulders and neck warm....unless of course you have a long neck as these have a long dangle to them.
Thanks again, Michael hugs to you.

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