Friday, September 17, 2010

My Second Interpretive Challenge

I spent more time reading various philosophies based
on the four earthly elements, than I did creating my
4 elements

I kept coming back to a philosophy that  equates air with thought, fire with passion water with serenity and earth as maturity. Musings:
fire does not pass through water,
fire is reflected in water,
 thought feeds passion
passion falters with serenity
thought is in serenity,
                                     thought slows and then, no more.

Loose threads, attached with help of wash-away interfacing. on a snippet style background.

I had difficulty with the photographing,  what doesn't show well here is the yellow thread 'of air' running through the piece.
It was fun  :))


  1. Hey Girl! You are so talented! I love this piece. You have taught me so much about the fine art of quilting. I never knew there were so many things to quilt and so many ways to quilt. Amazing! And - congratulations on your recent winnings in the quilting exposition, which also proves that those in the know agree with me!

  2. Goodness I do like it when friends drop by to be nice.
    Hugs for you Donna!


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