Sunday, September 26, 2010

Greetings, from the Village Idiot.

Greetings,from the Village Idiot.

I am having a series of serious of duh days.  
I sent Lesley's pillow cases off,  after I photographed them,first having to purchase a new set of rechargeable batteries, and charger...and promptly can't locate where I put the file of pics after I downloaded them? What? 
I made a cover for a mixer unit, which stands in the corner on the counter (not because it's bad, cuz I dislike getting it out of a cupboard). Because I have previously made a cover like this  I just grabbed my notes went along my merry way and when it was too late realized I hadn't made it dimensional...just flat.
So now I have a really pretty fry pan cover? It does sorta fit over a very large teapot, and because it is made out of wonderful old seed sack, and quilted so prettily it will cover that stupid t-pot and sit on top of the stupid fridge.
And I'll go back to the drawing board.  Speaking of drawing board, my eldest son use to have my drawing table when he was 'drafting'. Recently I got it back.  It's covered with 'stuff' perhaps using it will help with the idiot syndrome.
Wishing you some sun in your Sunday

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  1. So...where are the pictures of this fry pan cover??? Seeing someone else's goofs makes me feel so much better about my own [misery loves company??]


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