Monday, April 30, 2012

Tool Tip

I was watching a piecing tutorial.  It was a simple bit about piecing, geared to beginners. (I am not a beginner, but I like watching tuts, never know what little morsel of information one might find.)  This tutorial suggested sewers
put their finger underneath the pieces being sewn together to check and assist with the seams, so they do not flip.  This is good advice.... don't want the seams going the wrong way.  DON'T use your finger.

 Please acquire an awl, stiletto, long tweezers, or perhaps a bamboo

stick used for kebabs.  My favourite is the bamboo stick but as you can see I use/ have them all. The tool at the bottom of the picture is a recycled dental tool found at a surplus/discount style store.)  Using a long thin tool to hold the fabric secure is really much easier (once the habit is acquired of course)  and is not nearly as awkward (especially if you have fat fingers, or old arthritic gnarly ones) nor will you bump, stab, or sew your digit.  Use it to keep seams lined up, and your sewing going straight off the end of a piece. (My Thanks to Jo, who taught me this.)
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