Monday, April 16, 2012

The Design Wall...uh Bed

I have a design wall, but after certain decisions about a quilt are made, I use the bed. These are swap blocks from a group of Canadian quilters. The blocks have languished in a drawer for a couple of years. These are colours that I like, so I don't know what fear has been holding me back from making a quilt out of them. Finally I have started.  The first challenge was to make them all the same size.  Interesting how there are so many variations on a 12.5 inch square  :)) After that was done the blocks are 17" square
The  next challenge I found was to tie the various colours together.
String blocks are doing the job of holding the various colours together

Sew there it is ....a work in progress.  It is finished to and including the first border, made from the strings as well.  No died on our Saturday afternoon outing. However, online purchasing is amazing, new camera enroute already.
The next challenge is to make it bigger.  Just cuz.  
Happy Monday,

ps.  picture of my current crop of t-shirts freshly laundered sitting on the new quilt 
  I  can sure choose colours, eh!

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  1. That will be one lovely quilt when finished. I have some of the same blocks I think in one of my quilts. Love this.


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