Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Happy Yellow Quilt

This quilt is right up my alley. I believe it is the piecer's first adventure away from a commercial pattern. She picked an array of fabric she liked and made a quilt. Liberated piecing. My favourite way to piece. But not so the quilting, a pantograph, an open feathery swirl design,  which shows well on a  white on white back, sewn in a bright yellow thread.  The thing is, she said this quilt is to live at the family cottage....I couldn't take that adventure with such a light coloured quilt, not cottage living the way we do it  :))

a view of a bit of the back

I know it's too big at over 100 ' square, but I 'd like it to hang out on my deck for star watching. 

On another note, I recently did a practice piece with an all white back.  It is good to really look at the back of a quilt, from a technical view point...quality control so to speak.  (No picture of the piece, as it still needs binding) 

I hope everyone has 

been blessed with some lovely weather which takes them outdoors.  I have had family here for the longer weekend and have managed some great outside time. 

Happy Tuedsday,

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  1. The old guy and the young kitty are obviously getting along well. Sweet picture!

    Barb R


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