Friday, April 27, 2012

Another finish

Quality control on this quilt was challenging. It wasn't LM's piecing,(she's good :)) the quilt was and is flat and square. The fabrics are painted, and this was the issue. Needle holes are so not easy to get rid of...and knots are created when I speed up the stitching....not keen on going real slow, then things look wobbly.

One can see the heavy paint here, how the thread looks as it it is just lying on top in places.
But as you know when one is this close to the stitching none of it looks very impressive  :))

I am off to work on a couple of my items for a few days.  After all there is a family wedding in
August for which I must prepare things....TGIF.
Happy Friday,


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! When I fuss about my oil painting, my instructor tells me to remember that no one will stand up close to see it. Step back about 6 ft and then look at it. That's the view you normally will see. You know, he's right. I think your quilting is fine.

    1. I think so too....but when it is happening I get in a dither.(VBG)

  2. Love this scrappy Hunter Star pattern! Very Nice! I have a yellow and blue one on the go, started a long time ago when I was doing more quilting. Will get back to it soon again I hope!

  3. Gorgeous! You are so talented! And I'm not just saying that 'cuz you're my sister-n-law (outlaw??) ;)
    Irene xo

  4. What an awesome quilt. Thanks for sharing.


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