Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A different Quilt

Oh my...look at this.

I quilted a multi fabric lap quilt, designed for Alzeimer's patients.
The quilts are designed with ' tactile-ness'. Okay sew, the back is fleece,
 just a hunk no selvages.  I tried not to stretch it.
  BUT I wasn't successful,  did an very open meander.
 What we have here is indeed tactile.  Ha, it's very tactile.

  Just look at that pucker-y back....heck the whole thing is one big pucker.
It feels nice though, and the variety is great.

I put the binding on this one too. Machine binding,  and don't cha know I broke the needle plate of my Husky.  Tsk.  I dis-remembered  cracking didn't like bulk.  Well it was only a matter of time.(sigh)  I am sure glad I have a 'spare' sewing machine  :)

A bit of satiny fabric with a bit of embroidery....check out those puckers  :)

A bit of lace, fleece, knit, some shimmer and some shine....I hope someone enjoys it.

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