Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Straight but not Square (saving at your long armer))

 There are some folks do not understand  'square'. 
Certainly not as it applies to in large pieces of fabric.
This is a picture of backing fabric. The pieces are all cut straight, 
and seamed straight.  But the end result is not a square piece.
And no,  I don't know why that happens,  it just does.

Those large 108" wide fabrics need to be squared as well. 
As you see several inches may be lost squaring fabric, take this  fact
into consideration when purchasing backing.
Squaring a large back is no different then squaring fabric for cutting strips.
It is bulky and awkward to handle, but needs to be done.
So here's a quick how to, and one can check the web for lots of visuals
 if this is too obtuse.

1.  Find the centre of the back, lengthwise. Fold in half. Carefully smooth the 
fabric and fold again to fit on the cutting surface.  This will take a minute or
 two as you need to make sure the fabric is smoothed out.  The rough edges 
that appear, are now ready to be trimmed.
2.  Repeat this process for the width....or you can do width and then length
 if your feeling contrary  :)

I allow my clients the first 'unsquare' back adjustment gratis, because some 
folks just don't know.  
Then I explain, because there is a charge and who needs to pay
 that when it is sew simple and you can do it yourself.
Happy Wednesday,

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