Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quilted Table Pieces

I was wondering what pattern  to try for place mats and perhaps a table 
runner, consequently wondering what favourites are out there in bloggerdom.
What piecing pattern do you use for place mats, also what is the finished
 size that you like for a place mat? It'd be nice to hear...  a comment, or a link.

My dm, mentioned he liked the larger ones we have...
I never knew he cared  :)

 I have some  precut strips  in  blues....good start.   I know I need to keep
 it simple.  I 'd like them to not look 'simple'.  I can do that
 with some fancy quilting :))

I finished piecing a few pink and green place mats, from bits left over 
after acover was made for a Kitchen Aid machine. 
  (Never took any pictures duh!)
I find this is not the most efficient method of piecing, but then
 I like doing jigsaw puzzles, too. It seems to some, to be 
a time waster kind of waster. 
 (These are pretty greens,  I promise its true! The orange background doesn't help.)
Also contrary to what I thought
this project did  not use up a significant amount of scraps. 
 I am  wondering if the scraps clone when I leave the room.

The Sun just peeked in the window so I'm going out, happy Sunday friends.

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