Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UFOs now RTQ

What does a long arm quilter do, when the long arm is 'resting', other then
housework and bookkeeping?
I have six previous UFOs at the RTQ stage. (ready to quilt)
Three ufo's required backs to be prepared, 2 required borders & backs, and
one had only the centre basket blocks finished. I pieced the baskets this
past summer. The basket block quilt was a challenge, or maybe an adventure might better
describe it.

I purchased a kit, while visiting my ailing father in '06. I was in a weird head space
as I am not a kit person, nor am I fond of slime green but there ya go. It also has
a border print, which of course needs those wonderful mitered corners. It wasn't as
difficult as I thought.  "It will look better once it is pressed and quilted, even though it is Kermit green", she said hopefully.

I also dug out a bag of  3.5 " triangles made from sewing strips together. I read a tip about making strips from scraps, as one gets the scraps.  I kept them in a large ziplock bag, when the bag was stuffed I started sewing stratas.  Then I cut triangles. Now I have strips of triangles sewn together. I am going to make those into a quilt.  Stay tuned for the ongoing adventure.


  1. Gundrun. I am sorry your machine is not up yet but what great quilts you are producing. I love the idea of the strata triangles and think I am going to dive into my scraps and start..I like it better than just the strips..

  2. RTQ, hum, I like that. I call mine "quilts in waiting". nothing like the feeling of accomplishments and just think how much closer you are now to FINISHED!!! and we all know finished is good!


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