Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Millennium is resting.

 I am not a happy gal, it is my fault. I have an APQS Millennium, (named Lenni, long before APQS developed a machine they call Lenni) and on Saturday I gave it a push, to send it over to its parking spot. I was using the circle lord and had not completely removed the stylus, which fell down and stopped the motion of the machine. This rather abrupt motion broke a wheel. At least this is my theory. The phone was ringing, and I knew I would be awhile, so as not to have a problem with oil on the quilt I gave it that fatal push. I didn't notice the damage until the next morning. These things never happen when one is not busy. That's a law. Murphy's Law. The quilt on the frame needed only one more block and a couple of  'corrections'. The first thing in a sheer panic I ordered wheels online.  Then I heard some not good things about these wheels, more panic, cancelled the order. The short version of this story is I ordered Edgerider wheels, and am impatiently awaiting them. In the meantime, I am trying very hard to get other work done....most of it unpleasant...like paperwork, housework. But that was yesterday. Today I have a Guild meeting in the evening and during the day I am going to organize my studio. Better known as fondling fabric.  gudrun


  1. I love your comment about organizing your studio, better known as fondling your fabric. Made me laugh! Great blog. Janet

  2. Thanks Janet, its great knowing some one is enjoying my blogging besides me :)


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