Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy New Year

I found something I hope you will enjoy.  It happened,  because I volunteered
to do a Guild newsletter.  This was written by my husband.
****January 2008******
So dear quilters,  it's a  New Year. Time for a fresh start. Time for resolutions. If you are anything like my dear  resident quilter here,  then the resolutions (and I speak of a fabric nature)will probably be similar to last year. Resolutions that curiously are so common they've become acronymed.
Yes. They are,  repeat after me :))
1. I vow to shop in my stash before taking any and all opportunities to run (not walk) to the nearest fabric shop. Why? Because my stash is STAABLE.  (stash totally at and beyond life expectancy)
2. I will identify all UFO's in my quiltorium. (unfinished object, a.k.a. unfulfilled opportunity)
3. I will FIFI all UFO's  ( find it, finish it.)
4. I will FIFI all PIGS within these four walls. (projects in grocery sacks) And if they are not in
grocery sacks  then I will put them in CLEAR bags so that in the future they can easily be FIFIed  and not accidently thrown out by the QDH (quilters darling husband) who assumes green garbage bags contain items intended for the big green circular filing cabinet.
5. I will complete all WIPS (works in progress) before FIFI ing UFO's and I will do so before the snow melts....ah before the garden goes in....ah  well before next year.
6. Any FIFI 's and UFO's that are found to be WOMBATS, will be repurposed and passed along. (waste of money, brains, and time/talent) 
7. I will do all the above before working on my WHIMMs. (works hidden in my mind)
8. I am not now, nor will I ever be a TART, (someone who will 
Toss away, regret tomorrow) life is to short.  And my Stash is STAABLE.
So before your WHIMM becomes a WOMBAT or a PIG make sure you FIFI your UFO and 
maybe then your QDH will take you on a FART....Fabric acquisition road that will make your stash even more STAABLE. 

He's right, my resolutions are much the same in 2009.


  1. That is awesome! What a husband...LOL! I'm on No-Buy, so I guess I won't be FARTing any time soon. LOL. However, believe it or not, my stash is NOT STAABLE, but I have a ton of WIPs, WHIMM, and UFO's that could last me several years....

  2. Oh my...that is hilarious! Now to send the link to my DH!!


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