Monday, May 13, 2019

Once upon a time, at least a decade ago, I attempted a Bargello style quilt.  I didn't like the process. I was well and truly into it before I had realized how much I disliked it. The fabrics were cut and sewn into strip sets,  one 24 " square section cut and sewn.  Recently, well I may be using the word recently loosley here, I took apart the long strip sets and did a kind of rail fence thing with some of the blues. There is too little contrast, so it's boring from a distance.  But close up I find it soothing.

The back uses a large piece
 from a stove top dye lot, from a long time ago as well and an aged piece for the insert to make it all fit.  It's nice to have this little quilt out of the way back cupboard area and into the world of living.  Yeah!!
Happy Monday, keep on keeping on,

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