Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fold over binding

I had a portion of a panel and matching prints, that have sat idle / marinating a long time.  Sew....I did.  I needed some quickies to quilt when I had the Bliss rail system installed on Lenni.
(he was named Lenni, long before APQS made a Lenni, this Lenni is an APQS Millennium.)

As always, upgrades have a learning curve.  The system makes a big difference, the machine moves with much less effort.  My shoulders thank me.  The however is....circles are wobbly and loops have a squiggle in them, and straight lines run away from me, and so far the channel locks don't want to work, another tech call in my future. is tuff. 

 While I was at it...learning I mean, I tried a fold over binding.  I trimmed the backing to 2 inches all around, folded and clipped it down ( I really like those clips.) and machined it. Quick and easy as advertized. It is for me not, great quality.  I don't care for the waves, and I sure don't know why it waves. Reminds me of that saying.... two of three is what you will money involved in this two of three  ⇝  Back to my regular binding program.

Happy Quilting,

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