Saturday, March 1, 2014

I am a lucky girl.

I am lucky to have a caring Mom.  She sends me replacement mukluks every decade or so. The brown ones have been shedding for some time now, truth be told, the furry balls haven't been furry for years as all kittens have had a great time with them.  I am happy with the new ones, no balls to get tangled in, and shorter so they aren't as heavy.  The fur is tall and soft, and they have a  deep tread sole. Wahoo, eh!

 I saw a pair of purple running shoes in my size for a bargain...can any girl resist

In the experimental quilting side of things, I used this decade old panel to work with multiple layers of batting.  There were stitch quality issues to start,  I but got that sorted. Switched to a stronger thread.  It was difficult to get smooth curves and curls, however as I got to the bottom, I changed the spacing, which helped. Note, thick batts and close designs are difficult. The end result for this machine trapunto experiment is a fun little quilt with lots of texture.

Closer view of the texture created

Today is another snowy day and I am doing some dyeing on the kitchen stove....I hope it is going to be a yummy plum colour.

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