Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February and Olympics!

I  mostly dislike February,  it is depth of winter,  out door time is short and I get a tad grumpy, but when there are 17 days of Olympics the month flies by and the possibility of spring is closer.

I smell a bunny.

Going for the Gold.....yeah Canada!

Are you all suffering from post Olympic Blues? I watched so much TV, I was feeling weird about it but what a ride.  :)) By the usual I don't watch daytime TV let alone get up and have my first cuppa in front of a hockey game.
I love Olympic hockey games. I enjoy all of the Olympics, even if I don't 'get' some of the events.  Looking at those beautiful athletic bodies and mostly happy faces, is a great big tonic.

I want to know what's with "Ladies" events?  I didn't hear any events for the "Gentlemen"  did you?


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