Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back At It.

     The first client quilt of '014 came with buttons and beads attached, as well the backgrounds of the blocks were quilted. Only the borders and sashings, needed quilting, and batting.   But adding  a layer of batting requires at minimum, enough quilting to keep it from sagging. Stitching in the Ditch (SID) and outlining is all that happened here. Some things could not be outlined because of the buttons.

It was too cold to hang the finished quilt out for pictures. The picture of the back is taken laying under the machine  :))  As you can see minimal quilting.

I also quilted 2 small quilts in these lovely reproductions fabrics.  I have never paid that much attention to these type of prints.  I really like them.

Oh and here is my first attempt and success at a new to me bread recipe.

Happy Tuesday,

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