Thursday, October 20, 2011

Split Stack

So it must be getting colder eh!  Here I am on the computer again!  instead of being outside.  Not only is it cold, it has been raining hammerheads and pitchforks.  A few weeks from now it will be coming down as snow. Snow is more work....but I sure do like snow more,  unless I have to go some where, you know drive.....ick.
And of course like everyone else that dislikes winter driving I'll blame my dislike on all the other drivers who don't know what they are doing  :))
Okay so here's a sweet little quilt to show you on this icky day.
This is a split stack block done in batiks, wool batt and a simple flower and leaf panto.  This pattern was taught at a workshop last winter, for the Community Quilts program.  Several workshop participants went on to make their own versions.  Batiks work very well for this pattern.

I hope she likes it  :)

I can't make the underline go away...don't know why I underlined it, I sure didn't do it on purpose.
Happy Thursday,

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  1. I love the colors--very pretty.
    Hammerheads and pitchforks--I haven't heard that in years!! My dad used to say that, thanks for the memory.


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