Saturday, October 15, 2011

Batiks and Alpacas

I completed this a few days ago.  It was not a favourite of the piecer, once quilted, she liked it again.  This is what usually happens, it's a good thing that happens.  I enjoy the smiles that come when the quilting pulls the 'flimsy ' into a usable lovable quilt.

I had an opportunity to 
work with an Alpaca & sheep wool blend batting  on this quilt...a strippy quilt with great colour contrast.
I used large leaf panto, and I checked tension often.

 It quilted up nicely, though the varied thickness of the batt contributed to some small tension issues in a couple of places, also contributing to tension issues was the use of selvage in the piecing. I use to leave them on as well, until someone explained how tough and different the selvage edge is to the rest of the fabric, and
how this causes problems, for machines and hands.
Well that's today's lesson.
I wonder how it will wash, when the time comes.  I am of the  'don't wash them until really needed' school.
Spot cleaning and airing come first.  This is a heavy quilt, it will no doubt be lovely and warm.  It will be even heavier when wet,  washing maybe a cumbersome job.   If anyone has had experience with this type of batting do let me know.

This is what the batting looks like.
gudrun  in wet & windy Ontario

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