Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Michael's sweater

Michael's Grandmother knit him a beautiful Cowichan style buffalo wool sweater, and gave it to me to sew
together.  I have been unable to get assistance with putting in the zipper, so I have left it in the bag...left it 'around' so to speak,  hoping the sweater elves would show up.  However, a reminder from Michael's grandmother has me pulling it out of the bag and leaving it about.  Lulu gives it full approval and doesn't care that it isn't sewn up.
Guess what I am doing this evening :))


  1. How's it going with the zipper? Cute picture! :)

  2. help...i have two sweaters to put zippers in before Xmas, its now the 23rd and i am debating with myself whether to sew by hand or machine. What did you do?

  3. I used the machine to sew this zipper. It is a heavy sweater, and thick zipper far too difficult for these hands.


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