Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been in the garden as much as possible, which isn't much as we have had much rain.  Everything seems to bloom at once when the apple trees do their show.
Have you ever seen a butternut in bloom?  Very interesting...the squirrels plant these :))  They are apparently an endangered species, which considering how many I rip out by the roots is questionable. But they are no longer in favour as they are messy, and get very large so people don't tend to plant them. The squirrels plant horse chestnut trees as well.  I have donated these tree sprouts to folks with larger land holdings,  keeping one and keeping it as small as possible.
More about our trees, at last count we had (after removing 4 old apple trees) 20 apple trees, 2 cherry, 1 plum and 75 other trees.  Good for 1.25 acres, admittedly many are small, and another three
big ones that need to come down....a hurtful and expensive process but necessary as these trees are old and
located too close to homes. Living  very close to Georgian Bay we get some amazing big winds and one needs to keep a careful eye on large old trees between homes.

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