Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still later that same year...

It has been a hectic few weeks.  I flew out to British Columbia,  to visit my Mom, for a couple of weeks.  Back at home,  friends visit for a couple of days, spring sprung and  hours are whizzing by as our family gets closer to dis-assembly. the only word I can find that fits.  Youngest son has landed a job in Calgary, He's squeezing in a three week trip to  Europe before his job starts in early July. Middle son has a job in Sweden, beginning in August.  He is also doing his usual summer job for an outdoor camp,  as a tripper so he has a canoe trip in July. Everything happens quickly once the parts are available, so to speak.

On another note, I didn't spend much time with Mom. Okay, I am not the only one who felt odd about this but I was 'shipped in' to look after the dog and  the 'place'.
It would have been long and boring couple of weeks, excepted I had friend 'ship in,' nothing better then a best friend to have fun  (VBG)
And that's the design wall at Mom's.  I purchased a lovely batik block of the month kit, here are all the blocks.  Well what is a gal to do when the dog gets up at 5 am (yes! Andrew, 5 comes in an AM) goes for a walk around the 'place' and by the time he gets back I am wide awake and the coffee is almost ready.  So I pieced every morning for several hours.  I completed the components of the quilt up to the borders, which are also pieced.  The BOM group I joined to do this project with,  were all amazed as this is month #1.  Yeah may be  very much like the tortoise and the hare.

Back at it, I finished a T-shirt quilt, the shirts are from family gatherings at a cottage that featured an annual Pig Roast. I could do nothing more than just 'put it together'.  The backing was a polyester and the border was a decorator cotton, and the batting was puffy and fragile.  But there you have it.

Happy Wednesday folks!

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