Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tutorial~ Folded Flowers

Kumiko Sudo, is todays inspiration.  I am sharing a couple of simple flowers that I learned through her publication:
Fantasies & Flowers: Origami in Fabric for Quilters. 

If after trying this you are inspired...and you will see how easy it is to make fantasy flowers then I highly recommend owning a copy of this book. The book is informative and entertaining. Her flowers come with stories.
 Let's start with a tulip.
As with all instructions, I suggest you read all the way through.
 Materials and other Requirements: template material, small amounts of fabric (5'" squares are ample) 

 FOLDED FLOWERS ~~~~ Part 1 (illustrations & template drawings below)
1. Place two template pieces RST*, sew around  scant ¼” seam,  leaving an opening for turning RSO. Blind stitch opening shut. Press.
2. Fold along line B
3. Fold corners B to A, pin  as shown.
4.  Stitch along edge of B as shown, make sure stitches are only catching A, and not going thru to C
5. Turn  over, stitch B points to center line of C, again stitches should only catch  C
*Pressing with a starch product,  gives crisp folds and will assist you  learning  this, however finger pressing is sufficient. **(rst= right sides together,  rso= right sides out)


#3  At this point you need to decide which colour will dominate, I decided the red would be the ‘outside’

B fold is now stitched to A, an accordion pleat is created.

#4  B corners are folded to the back, and stitched

Create another accordion pleat on both sides of A, when you fold B points to the back and stitch closed.
(accordion pleats not visible here)

Hexagonal template for Tulip (one inch graph )Possible shapes for leaves.
I leave the leaves to you and your imagination.
Remember to have a strong contrast between the background and your flowers. Here's a picture of a folded flower (foxglove) though very pretty doesn't show well because of the background.

Another shape, with a bit of gathering creates a Bleeding Heart.
Part two is a Daffodil.....coming soon.

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