Thursday, January 6, 2011

OLD old Wedding Dress

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope everyone's entry into the New Year 2011 was a pleasant event.

My DH and I went to a party, the first in several years. When the New Year
was rung in I hid in my DH's arms until all the kissing and hugging was over.
I dislike the fawning of semi inebriated men (mostly unknown) at New Years.
That's a tradition that in my not so humble opinion can go the way of the dodo bird.
That behaviour will get you a 'cold'.

Okay onto more interesting bits. While in my neighbourhood Quilt store
a few weeks ago. I witnessed the gal from the 'antique' shop trying
to give the QS owner an old wedding dress. She was repeatedly asking her if
she wanted or knew anyone who would be interested in having the
dress she was holding. Apparently, she didn't and didn't know I waved my hand and said I do crazy quilting, might I have a look at it.
Aha! she said with a big grin (woman on a mission) you look it's yours and it is.

The mesh has bits of glass (not beads) melded  somehow?
It disintegrated  on touch

The fabric was in shreds and fell apart just looking at it....this dress has been reduced to a few pictures and

sleeve using fringes and french knots 

Back of  dress/french knots
some beads. The work put into this piece is mind boggling. The french knots
in this garment have opened my imagination to their possible usage.
I'd like find out how old it was....sometimes it would be good if things could talk.... (grin)
Just think of the stories this dress could tell.
Happy Thursday!

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