Saturday, January 22, 2011


Okay RANT time.....what is wrong with this book title.  It's just too cute. duh.

Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist

Sometimes we do need a  new or 'adjusted' word.  A new word for a new occupation,  new discovery,  new invention, new idea or perhaps a revised idea  etc.   Sewing is not new,  the modern age began after the middle ages. So what is this 'sewist'  ick.  How about spew....a word that makes you want to spew, does that make me a spewist or am I still a spewer?
I know I am over reacting... sometimes I do or is that sum times I do.  Language can be fun.


  1. I agree with your idea because everything on this planet are changing including the sewing style... a lot has been innovated already when it comes to sewing.

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  2. I am a sewer not a sewist. I was an usherette not an usher. Actors are now actors whether they are male of female. Give me a break. I don't like the term sewist and have not liked it ever since I first came upon it but I suppose the younger generation wants to be different.


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