Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just have to add a note about Television....I am not a television person, (when the boys left the house, we
disconnect the cable (not internet).  I had an anal discussion with the person on the phone when I attempted to disconnect, one that went in circles about my not wanting television, and she insisting that basic was
a good option, but not if you don't want  cable :)  It has been disconnected for about 4 years.  Discovered a few weeks ago that we get several channels without connecting. Who knew? But I am sure
pleased to have this medium for the Olympics!!  I hung on till midnight watching the opening ceremony.
Wahoo!  So sad it isn't cold and snowy on the coast but heh nothing new there, eh.
I am going to see if I have a Canada toque somewhere!  I recently bought a baby blue beanie, I like it but
it isn't 'patriotic'.
Lots of 'patriotic stuff.... I had to smile at the adverts that suggested ' we are nice, we are friendly, welcome, come on,  get your ass kicked'
Bring it on, and lets pray no one else dies.

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