Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Landscape Quilts

I had the pleasure of quilting this little landscape quilt. It took longer to do than I thought. ( It's these little ones that are deceiving.) Lots of thread colour changes, and due to the fusible I put the threads to the back with the intention of dealing with them from the back.  Then I had a brain traf...called the client/friend and asked if she wanted to save money at the
'long armer'?  She said sure and now she's dealing with the thread ends.
Good stuff!! The one thing I wasn't able to convince her was to use a  different back on this piece.  She used the left over fabric bits from this kit and pieced a sweet back. This is what's going to hang up against a wall.  Hey!  I am just saying....I too have used pieced backs. Not small block piecing though.  That's the story.

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