Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Not everyone will find this quilt ugly. It is, and it was poorly constructed,  make it impossible for me to quilt.  The centre is larger than the outside, using an extra layer of batting in the middle helped a little, but lots of other problems.
I got this in an auction.  I took a 12 inch outer border off, before I started. I tried quilting this as a newbie long armer, realized I was out of my depth, threw it in a corner. Pulled it out again a few weeks ago, for the third time and decided I needed to get it out of my life. Just not worth the effort.  So I took all the pins out, wrapped it up nicely and donated it.  Maybe some one will give it a life, maybe not.  I feel so much better, like when you take the tight pants off and put on elastic waisted sweats. (grin)

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  1. I know what you mean. Someone will love the quilt. I am thinking of giving some of my UFO away as I don't have the intrest in them anymore.


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