Thursday, February 7, 2019


A long time ago a dear friend dropped off a box of upholstery fabric sample books.
I took them apart, stored the fabric in a big box, and have over the years made pot holders, hot pads, cushion covers, stuff like that, and I recently flung about half of these samples to a new sewer. 

Here's the latest version of pot holders. I am attending a Janome course and trying various stitches. These use the overlock stitch.  I believe the key to using this stitch effectively is to use a thick thread.  Better yet the serger, but that's not the point.  :))

I am pleased I took out a few hours to make these. I feel less like the shoeless, shoemaker.
Rumour says, 'quilters have nice pot holders',  haha.  These are much better than what I was using.

Happy quilting,

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