Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Linens

I have a few pieces of  bed and table linens given to me by my DH's aunt and uncle.
 These belonged to my DH's great aunt..  The story goes that she made these as young lady for her trousseau. The hand work is lovely, on these 100 years old square pillowcases.

Beautiful hand cut work

Two rows of button holes, buttons were sewn on to a 'ribbon' which was
then buttoned through one side. This was done to facilitate ironing and washing
without damage to the buttons, which could easily be removed 

monogram and french knots
 Babette Pleikart never married and her beautiful linens may not have see much use, which to my mind is perhaps why they are in such good condition.  I am blessed to be the keeper of these lovely pieces.
Happy Thursday,

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