Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesterday....Talking about the Long Arm

I am glad yesterday is yesterday.  I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof. Perhaps it was because we had a heat wave ...up to 5 from - 10)  here but probably because
I gave a little talk about what I do as a long arm quilter.
I was relaxed about it until a few days ago.... thought it would be "an okay gig" It was running around in my brain that I have quilted for almost half the membership but then I started to over think the whole thing and like I said I was sooooo nervous.  Apparently I did all right, had a hand-out to cover the basic requirements needed from the piecer and had some small samples to touch and examine circulating the room, answered a few questions. I hope I didn't say 'um' and 'like' a lot and I hope I wasn't slouching.  Mom  says I slouch.

 Anyway that was yesterday.  Today the sun is shining, even so, the day hasn't been stellar.  I had to take a tow truck ride down from the ski brakes on my car.  Totally creepy.  I was dropping DS off at the hill, and returning to the hospital rehab centre to get DH, when the lack of brake power in the car had me heading for the nearest parking lot at the resort hotel.
Okay that was before lunch, I am home drinking tea and having toast, all will be well, car is getting fixed and life continues  ...whew.  Today, I am will phone mother, tell her about my not 'another boring winter day'.

drive safely friends,

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  1. No Gudrun, you did not "um" or "like" or slouch too much. The whole thing was very interesting and informative. Thanks.



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