Sunday, February 6, 2011

Folded Flowers Daffodils

1. Place two template pieces RST*, sew around  scant ¼” seam,  leaving an opening for turning RSO. Blind stitch opening shut.

2.  Applique one fabric circle (needle turned) to centre of prepared flower petal,
 re: step  1. 

3.  Run a gathering stitch 1/8th inch from circle......  (a significant contrast required here)
Pull gathering and gently manipulate the centre and Flower petals until it pleases you....back stitch to hold. And that is it.  Easy? Yes!

Daffodil template shown on one inch graph paper, note there are six points/petals. 

I do not have a finished piece using daffodils.....I am still making them. Also there is one more
tutorial using a circle...coming soon.
Happy sewing,

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