Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's in a phrase?

I know I am not unique, really I am not :))   Therefore,  there are others  that have a problem with certain use of words and phrases.  I am not thinking curse words here.
 So here's my little rant on the phrase 'don't forget.....'.
When I hear  'don't'  the first thing I think is 'now what?' It puts my back up, so to speak.
I resent the fact that the speaker thinks I have or will forget.  I might but 'you' don't have
to make me feel bad about my ability to remember. As far as 'you' know, I may choose to forget.
It would be so much more positive to hear  'please remember'
Well! since you asked so nicely, I certainly will.
Thanks for listening/reading.

Happy Wednesday

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