Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cat Quilts

I made two cat quilts using a panel, this is the first. It is an Andover panel. I added borders, stitched in some cat and mouse silhouettes, a spider web, to cover a booboo (should I have confessed?)  a bit of embroidery and a few beads. It lives happily with my best buddy and her family of cats.

This is the second one, a bit different, used a log cabin block down the left side, more silhouettes not as much hand work. I gave it to my MIL.
This is the third cat quilt, also started with the same panel.
 I did not buy three of these panels, but someone was charmed with them, thought I did such a marvelous job with the first one he gifted me with a couple more.  
I cut the last one apart, lost the pot of flowers, &  had lots of fun. In the outer border I stitched silhouettes of cats, but later decided there was too much of that green, trimmed the border and cut the heads
and feet off a couple of the wee creatures. DUH.

I thought I had come to the end of my session of cat quilts so I use squares of cat material on the back. Apparently I am not done with cat quilts.  I have another one pieced.
It's not a panel, and I call it Ode to Willa.  Willa is where ever it is that wonderful cats go, when they leave us forever.  She stayed with us for 19 years, and left us a year ago.

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  1. HI I have had this pannel for years and really want to work on it one day.
    Seeing yours gives me inspriation and one day I WILL do it.
    Delia Looking forward to getting to know you.


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