Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Achoo....wow How did the blog get this dusty?
I am not dusty, not at all.
I am still quilting, still enjoying the process.  Recording my (mostly) quilting journey has taken a back seat to other interests and life happenings. So, what has happened? Plenty lots!

I am Grandmother again, to a lad. Also mother-in-law again, son number 2 tied it up last fall..
The impact of these events are, well,  significant.
But for all that quilting continues.
I am presently blogging on a new computer and am stumbling around in the files looking for pictures. wondering what to transfer and where to transfer it.   It has been a while since doing these actions and I have forgot a bunch.
I took on a t shirt project a few months ago. These  are sporting event shirts dating from the late 1980s and most of the 1990s.

Sports T shirt quilt. 

Back of t shirt quilts

Also sweat shirt quilts... 
quilting viewed from reverse

quilting on solid blocks

There are still approximately 20 t shirts left, the plan has been changed to make two smaller quilts instead of a third large quilt.
coming soon. 

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