Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another finish!

     I  have a favourite group 'list' that I subscribe to, where the focus is on "stash busting".  It is an active supportive and entertaining group. Especially for those who like to use the fabric that has accumulated in various places for various reason.  This group also encourages and  issues challenges to complete projects, referred to as UFO's (un  finished objects)  :))
     Clearing things off the 'aroundtoit' is a great feeling.  I have cleared off two large projects last year and several small ones.
This project goes back several years.  It took some time for me to make this one. I got hung up down in memory lane each time I picked it up. This style of quilt is often referred to as a  memory quilt. Really?
 It contains my dad's dress shirts & a shirt of mine. I gave myself this licence as the quilt is mine and I am his only child.
G & G Quilt
A blue grey back,  quilted with fish which I drew and a pine cone pantograph
I hope you are resting in peace, Dad.

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