Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Beginnings

The first day of the rest of my life.. those cute sayings seem so appropriate today.
First day of having an empty nest....last one flew (no pun intended)  to Sweden yesterday to start a new life as a teacher in Gavle, Gavleborg, Sweden. That's along way from Southern Georgian Bay, On., Canada.

Saturday I waited  for movers, today I wait some more....other one has moved from the temporary fully furnished lodgings to a dirty apartment that has a new bed, sleeping bag, pillow and clothing, there awaiting 'stuff''.  I have to say it is an  Organizational crapshot....could be worse  I do my thing by pointing out that one could be under a bridge with a card board box.   One needs to keep oneself,  'UP" in these most annoying days.
This is really just little crap...keep smiling.


  1. Hi Gudrun, least they have 'decent' places to live... DD lived in their car with her husband for a while... sigh....!
    Hope you're doing ok up there. I'm thinking you have had a cooler summer than us.
    Take care my friend!

  2. Not to worry Mother. I will be back for a visit sooner then later.



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