Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter in Ontario

Greetings and Salutations from snow covered Ontario! I'd love to post pictures of all the
snow we have had the last week. The children had 4 days off school due to snow/roads/bus situations.
I can't post pictures because blogger is not allowing me to...although perhaps it is this little netbook
I am using.

I have ordered a new computer....hehe and some of my family is shocked that I have gone to the 'darkside' purchasing a 'windows' product. I have been on a Mac, since the 80's. But there are a couple of programs I want (yes I know about being able to run windows on Mac)
The thing is my best buddy is a windows gal, and being a programmer, she will be an excellent resource, as well I have adult children who know their way around the darkside, so I am covered so to speak. And very well covered indeed.

I started writing this bit, last Monday. It's been a week as mentioned and once again we are in the middle of a winter storm it seems like one week is much like the next except that yesterday our house hold increased by one. More later

Happy Monday,

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