Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's been an exceptional year for rhubarb.  This year I made 18 - 1 cup jars of various versions of rhubarb jam...rhubarb & blueberries,  rhubarb & cherries and everyones' favourite rhubarb & strawberries.  
The strawberries where fresh, the blueberries frozen and the cherries where  a can of pie filling.  I don't use pectin,  half the usual amount of sugar,  Knox brand gelatin and yes I put glass jars in the freezer. 
 So I am thinking I can't really call this jam.   The jam police say it doesn't have enough sugar (and what's with the gelatin) to call it jam....fruit spread?  Fruit compote? 
Well let me assure you the fruit compote spread is yummy, especially on ice cream and perhaps  a waffle.

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