Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful British Columbia

This Quilter took a vacation.....
These views taken from a bus. A trip I took this summer between Terrace and 
Prince George, B. C. This is the landscape of my childhood.  Those mountain vistas make my knees weak...yikes. What's that all about?  It has been many years since I travelled that highway, and it was a pleasure to let some one else drive while I stared out the window and reminisced. 

These are the banks of the mighty Skeena.  I explored those banks for many  hours,
 built many a fire  on a sand bar and swam in little back pools. Those pools are cold.
I can't find an adjective to describe this northern river kind of cold but swimming wasn't something done for long, just for cooling off, or goofin' off.  All of  these events where just  momentary blinks, because the water was so darn cold.  Of course that was fun.

The trees....I couldn't get enough of them.  
More to come....


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