Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Re-used & some new

It was too cold to sew in the attic,  so down came  (hubby did the schlepping) the small sewing machine, ironing board &  a collection of of 'jean pieces'.  These are all family jeans, stored in a box, for some time.  The box was getting unwieldy. Somewhere along the way the box of jeans was turned into a box of 'patches'. 
Then, on a darn cold day, (did I mention it was cold)  the kind one spends inside,  I put together the patches.  Well, almost all together. I used very large seams, which will be on the outside and be 'ragged'. 
I am not doing this a patch at a time as rag quilts 
are usually done.  I will put this on the LA, stitch it down near all the seams and then do a 'doodle' in each square. I plan on using batting scraps.
I am thinking of inviting some 'quilty' folks over, and letting them do some doodling with the BIG machine. 
The few ladies that have had an opportunity to run the BIG machine, (it has a name, tell you later)  seem to have more respect for the process....one gal asked what I did while the machine is sewing. (grin)
 The backing will be used flannel. The flannel was once used for covering camp mats...so one doesn't slide around on them. Our days of camping have changed to days of sailing, and we don't use but two of the mats, if at all. (Life changes when the nest empties!) 
Oh and the 'some new' part is the border of this jean rag, which is a piece of pink denim I found
hiding...don't remember how it got here.
Wishing you all a great day, doing something enjoyable.


  1. I think everyone has gotten the bug this winter to work on some 'forgotten projects' - I like the way you are putting the patches together as one piece and quilting on the longarm instead of all the individual pieces, great idea, and once it's washed will have the same frayed effect! Welcome to blogville - great start! karen O in TX

  2. Glad you started a blog. I alway enjoy you on the longarm list. And seeing your pictures and the snow bring your stories home. It is not as cold here, but,foggy, misty and nasty. So a great sewing day, also.


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